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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. The Outdoor Burning Rule allows the burning of
    land clearing materials only at the site of the land clearing. Per TCEQ regulations 
  • You would need to contact the park directly for their guidelines.
  • No, you would need to contact the Local Fire Department for questions regarding burning inside the City.  
  • No.
  • Find your location on the Jurisdiction Map.

    See the ESD Fire Departments page for ESD contact information.


  • No,


  • Burning that is otherwise allowed based on the regulations discussed above may generally be conducted only outside of the corporate limits of a city or town; see 30 TAC § 111.219(2).

    Burning will be allowed within the corporate limits of a city or town if the city or town has enacted an ordinance allowing burning consistent with the Texas Clean Air Act, Subchapter E, Authority of Local Governments; see 30 TAC § 111.219(2). Potential Liability

    Finally, TCEQ regulations make it clear that compliance with these regulations does not excuse a person conducting a burn from any consequences, damages, or injuries resulting from the burn; see 30 TAC § 111.221.

    In other words, these regulations do not offer limited liability for landowners who can prove compliance. Landowners should take care to ensure they do not act negligently when conducting a burn and should confirm liability insurance coverage before undertaking a burn. 

  • Yes. Open flame cooking can be done outdoors during a burn ban, however the flames must be completely enclosed in the cooking device.
    Read more about safely cooking outdoors.
  • Yes. however the Commissioners Court may require that certain procedures be followed during a burn ban. The Burn Ban Order will contain information about safety matters that must be addressed by individuals conducting hot work operations.

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