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Juanita Allen 


Office Location
           Caldwell Co.  Justice Center           
1703 S. Colorado, Box 3
Lockhart, Texas 78644
8:30 to Noon and 1 - 5:00 PM
Monday through Friday


PHONE  512-398-1806
FAX   512-398-1805



Public Service Announcement

Caldwell County District Clerk’s Office


   At this time, the following actions are necessary to help protect the public and aid in prevention of the spread of COVID-19. In order to protect our staff so that we may continue to serve you, the Caldwell County District Clerk is taking precautionary measures to modify services and availability to the public.


District Clerk

Juanita Allen


Additionally, you can find information on our website at www.co.caldwell.tx.us.



The District Clerk is elected for a four-year term and supports the District Courts. The Clerk is registrar, recorder and custodian of all court pleadings, instruments and papers that are part of any cause of action in any civil or criminal district court.  The courts supported by the District Clerk in Caldwell County include the 421st, 22nd, and 207th District Courts, 2 Associate Judges (CPS and Child Support Attorney General Cases), as well as County Court at Law (for Juvenile Court).

If you need information about birth certificates, marriage licenses, property records, or misdemeanor criminal records, you will need to contact the COUNTY Clerk's Office.

For settings, please contact Monica Malaer at 398-1807
(Court Coordinator for the 22nd, 207th, and 421st Judicial District Courts)

                             To Search Court Records:  iDocket.com

       (Si prefiere leer esta información en español, seleccione el enlace TRANSLATE en la parte superior derecha de esta página.)

  • Please read notes below before entering the payment site. 
    This site is for criminal case payments  on FELONY cases only, and for copies/search fees.   If you are paying for copies or search fees, you MUST contact the office prior to the payment.   A convenience fee of $3 per $100 is charged by the merchant.

                                                IMPORTANT:  THIS SITE IS FOR DISTRICT CLERK PAYMENTS ONLY

     Online Payments

  • All persons called for Grand Jury service Wednesday, July 6, 2022, SHALL appear at the Caldwell County Justice Center located at 1703 S Colorado St. in Lockhart, NO LATER than 8:45 am. Please bring your summons with you and have the questionnaire filled out and ready to turn in when you report. Be aware that there is a dress code for court proceedings. Please no shorts or flip flops. Thank you.

    If you  any questions about your summons, please call the Jury Administrator in our office Monday through Friday.    Any information regarding cancellation of the jury panel will be provided on the jury information number  listed below over the weekend,  

    JURY ADMINISTRATOR: 512-359-4370 (Mon-Fri)
    JURY INFORMATION NUMBER:  512-398-1840  (RECORDED message only. You will not be able to reach office staff at this number)

    Jurors are selected electronically at random from a list compiled by the Secretary of State's Office, utilizing a list of voter registrations and a list of driver's license registrations from this County.  Please read your summons carefully.  The exemptions and disqualifications for petit jury service are stated on the summons (see example below).  If any disqualification applies to you, you cannot serve.  You must circle the disqualification and return the card to the District Clerk.  If any exemption applies to you, you do not have to claim it and you may serve.  If you claim an exemption or disqualification, please do so immediately upon receipt of your summons.  Please circle the appropriate number, then sign and date the summons and return it to the District Clerk.

    For all individuals not claiming a disqualification or exemption, please appear on time, and  BRING YOUR SUMMONS with you when you report (with the questionnaire portion completed.)  IT IS IMPORTANT that you call the JURY INFORMATION NUMBER printed on the front of your summons the weekend/day prior to your summons date for updates.  Please note that our office does not provide updates for a jury panel summoned by County Court at Law.

    Qualifications and Exemptions (List of)

    Si no comprende inglés, consulte la solicitud de exención en la sección del formulario a continuación

    Request for Exemption from Jury Service for Physical or Mental Impairment
    Request for Permanent Exemption from Jury Duty (Over 70)

    Request for Exemption from Jury Service for Inability to Comprehend English
                  (This form must be presented in person and sworn to before the clerk - Gov.Code 62.109)
                  (Debe ser presentado en persona y jurado ante el empleado)                           

  • To reach one of the staff members below, call the main office number, PRESS #, then the extension number.

                                                         Leslie Estrada
                                                           Chief Deputy

                                                                 Civil Court Clerk

                                                                    (ext. #4368)

    Alia Nunez

    Civil Family, Divorce,

    Adoption, Tax

    (ext. #4367)

    Ronnie Villanueva
    Criminal Court Clerk
    (ext. #4371)

    Anna Gamboa-Martinez

    Juvenile Court Clerk

    Attorney General/Child Support Clerk

    (ext. #4365)

    Teresa Castillo

    Financial Chief Deputy

    (ext. #4369)

    Rebecca Catching
    Jury Administrator
    (ext. #4370)

    Michelle Matias

    Docket/File Clerk 

    (ext. #4366)

  •                                                  **ATTENTION ATTORNEYS**

    E-Filing is mandatory statewide in civil cases. We are currently accepting criminal documents through e-File, but
    beginning July 1, 2019, attorneys MUST electronically file criminal documents in Caldwell County.  (See Court of Criminal Appeals Order No. 16-003).
    Please read through the rules below, paying close attention to Part 5 regarding the filing of documents that contain sensitive data, if the data is not specifically required by statute or court rule.

                                                          Supreme Court Order No. 15-9205
    Final Approval of Rules Governing Electronic Filing in Criminal Cases (Joint Order, Court of Criminal Appeals Misc. Docket No. 15-004)

    You must file into eFile Texas by using an Office of Court Administration (OCA) approved Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP). (Part 2 of order above)

    Some EFSPs charge a fee for filing or for credit card payment processing
                            * There are EFSP options that are free of charge
                            * See http://www.efiletexas.gov/service-providers.htm for more details

    See E-Filing Business Processes for more information (and additional forms in form section).  If you are appearing in court for a hearing within 24 hours of filing thru e-File, you will need to provide a courtesy copy of the filing to the Court.

    Efiling Request for Issuance
    Efiling Request for Abstract or Writ of Execution
    Efiling Request for Issuance Order of Sale