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 Caldwell County Court at Law Judge
Honorable Trey Hicks, Presiding

Caldwell County Justice Center
1703 S. Colorado Street, Box 11
Lockhart, TX 78644
Phone:  (512)398-6527
Fax:  (512)668-4962


Court Staff

Court Administrator: Joseana Charlton



Court Reporter:          Kara Fisk


General Information:

The Court Coordinator does not accept filings. All instruments must be E-FILED through the Caldwell County Clerk's Office. With the exception of condemnations and forcible detainers, all civil matters must be mediated prior to trial requests being made. All trial requests must be made in writing. To set a hearing on a Motion, you should contact the Court Coordinator at (512)359-4348.


The Caldwell County Court At Law has jurisdiction over all Class A and Class B Misdemeanor Criminal cases and all civil cases filed in the County Court. This Court also has jurisdiction in Probate and Guardianship matters. The Caldwell County Court At Law, sitting as the Juvenile Court, has concurrent jurisdiction with the District Court over Juvenile matters.

The Caldwell County Court At Law also hears traffic and other appeals from the Justice of the Peace Courts.

The Caldwell County Court At Law and the District Court share concurrent jurisdiction over civil cases in which the matter in controversy ranges from $501.00 to $200,000.00 excluding interest, statutory or punitive damages and penalties, attorney's fees and court costs.


All Hearings, court trials and jury trials are to be set with the Court Coordinator. A party requesting a hearing is required to notify all parties and copy the Court.


Agreed Judgments in civil matters must be signed by all attorneys and parties. Agreed Orders in Probate and Guardianship matters must be signed by all attorneys.