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9-1-1 Rural Addressing
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Regional Planning Councils (RPC) and Council of Governments (COG) work with the Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC) and local 9-1-1 address coordinators to administer the statewide 9-1-1 program enacted by law by 1987. The Capital Area Council of Governments’ ( CAPCOG.org) Emergency Communications Department works with agencies throughout the 10 county region by providing planning and technical assistance to ensure delivery of 9-1-1 calls to the proper Public Safety Answering Point ( PSAP ) and offering the correct location and telephone information. This system helps direct emergency services to the correct place in the event of an emergency. A new address is given every 5.28 feet. This provides for a potential of 1,000 addresses per mile, creating a guideline for emergency vehicles to follow when finding a location.

For most of the U.S. and Canada, dialing 9-1-1 from any telephone will link the caller to an emergency dispatch center, or PSAP, which can send emergency responders to the caller’s location in an emergency. In most areas, Enhanced911 is available to automatically give dispatch the caller’s location, provided this information has been entered into the 9-1-1 database. This gives emergency responders the location of the emergency without the person calling for help having to supply it. This is useful in cases where communicating one’s location is difficult or impossible. In a 9-1-1 emergency the system must work quickly and reliably to provide the proper assistance in a timely manner.

Click here for the 911 Address Database for Public Safety Purposes Policy that explains how this process follows the State Health and Safety Code 771.061 and confidential information.

Link for Commission on State Emergency Communications: www.csec.texas.gov

You may call our office at 512-359-4661 or open the (Request New Address Form) to submit a request for a new address.

How to obtain a new 911 Address in English.         Cómo Obtener Una Dirrecion 9-1-1 in Spanish.

Note: Authority to set addressing standards was granted to counties in 1989 through Senate Bill 1091 which amended the County Road and Bridge Act. Section 2.001(b), Article 6702-1, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes, authorized Commissioner's Courts to adopt their addressing standards to name roads an assign address numbers to property within unincorporated areas. Transportation Code, Sect. 251.013: Road Names and Address Numbers: (b)The Commissioner's Court of a county by order may adopt a name for a public road located wholly or partly in an unincorporated area of the county and may assign numbers to property located in an unincorporated area of the county for which there is no established address system.


CAPCOG 911 Addressing Guidelines document.