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ATX Floods

www.atxfloods.com for flooded road closures

www.atxfloods.com para información acerca de cierres de caminos

TxDOT Projects

The TxDOT Planned Projects service layer is a dataset of roadway construction and maintenance projects that are either currently under construction, or are in some phase of the planning process. Projects are grouped into 4 categories: projects that are currently underway or begins soon; projects in the construct authority (begins within the next four years); projects in the develop authority (planned to begin in 5 to 10 years); and projects in the initial phases of project development (corridor studies, construction in 10+ years). The dataset excludes non-letting projects.

It is updated weekly and used in the Project Tracker application (http://apps.dot.state.tx.us/apps-cq/project_tracker/) on TxDOT.gov.

Update Frequency: Weekly

Source: Design and Construction Information System (DCIS) Security Level: Public https://gis-txdot.opendata.arcgis.com/